An amalgamation of Arabic and Indian flavors following the trail of the silk route.

Level 2, voco Hotel

Aamara is a voyage of culinary discovery that stretches through the ages and across half the world through the ancient network of trading routes known today as the Silk route. The lure of silk was the initial driving force of this route but it soon welcomed pearls, gems, spices, carpets, etc but It was food that kept it still alive and created a culinary bond that ties one civilization along the road to the next. Through the silk route, vegetables, fruits, grains, and seasonings — and the techniques for cooking them — passed from one civilization to another, to be absorbed and transformed into local specialties. This cuisine from the region that was once home to the Silk Road seems to have certain characteristics in common like a philosophy of healthy, balanced eating from China’s yin-yang to India’s Ayurveda and from Iran’s “hot and cold” to the Salerno Regimen of the Italian Middle Ages; and a particularly generous insistence on hospitality.

At Aamara we have curated a menu that celebrates the diversity of flavors and techniques that has traveled and been shared through the historical route!


Hours of operation

Open daily from 
12pm to 11:30pm
Last reservation: 10:30pm

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+971 (0) 52 573 5723

Level 2, VOCO Hotel
Sheikh Zayed Rd – Trade Centre, Dubai

Dress code:
Elegant, smart casual.